Stuck with your old cable TV? Want to watch your favorite channels but the poor picture quality and noises spoil your mood. Well, How about If we tell you that you can have a whole new TV watching experience with Tata Sky at the same cost you pay for your cable TV or even lesser?

Oh yes, you heard it right. A whole new TV watching experience.


Set aside the myths as we get you the Facts!

Tata Sky offers over 600 channels through its DTH service. With a Maximum number of HD Channels and over 17 million connections in India, Tata Sky stands as people choice when it comes to satellite TV entertainment. Covering a wide variety of channels from adults to kids entertainment, Tata sky is for sure your best buddy for entertainment.

Ever wondered how does it feel to be a Tata sky user? Well, trust us it feels so entertainingly great! All you need to do is get a new Tata Sky connection, choose your preferred pack and that’s it! So now you have to make yourself a place in the sofa (make sure you grab the remote first, cuz you don’t want to miss out your favorite movie) , sit back and enjoy as Tata sky brings to your home the best of entertainment, sports, lifestyle and more!

So what do you get to choose from?

Anything you like! Is what Tata Sky Offers you. You don’t need to pay for channels you don’t like. Pay for what you choose and you can choose what you like to watch. Now how is that for a budget-friendly deal? Yes. No kidding. Tata Sky has a wide variety of packages from the south special pack to kids dhammaka pack where you get the most popular and most watched TV Channels !. And, not only that but Tata Sky offers you an al-la-carte of channels and packs where you can choose your favorite channels and customize your TV watching experience. So more, I’m watching a channel cuz my cable TV has only that. So here’s to the freedom of watching only what you want to.

All set. How do I get my new connection.

Get in touch with book my dth. We get you the best of dth for you and that which suits you. Book you dth, get it delivered and get set watching. All so very easy! So, why wait? Grab your phone and book your  Tata Sky New DTH Connection right away.