Feeling bored? Want to make some fun to get rid of your boredom? Well, watching television could be the best pass time that could wind up your boredom within a second. Many people find it interesting to watch television, whereas there are some people who watch specific channels which are fun-filled & make them laugh at every second. Entertainment is a part of our life that helps us to keep our enthusiasm at a higher level.

With the launch of Sun Direct, entertainment has got a new definition. The steep rise in the subscribers of Sun Direct a year later after its launch augmented its popularity amid the audience targeted in the Southern region. Though the availability of DTH service providers is in copious, the Sun Direct new connection Hyderabad has enthralled the people with its cheaper services & amazing features.

Way back in the 90s, Doordarshan was the only channel that entertained us by broadcasting some of the countable shows that are still memorable. However, the commencing year of 2000 was entertaining for the people, as the Government of India has given the permission for the inception of broadcasting channels through satellite which brought a revolution in the entertainment world. In 2003, Dish TV started broadcasting hundreds of high-quality channels which are not only entertaining but informative also as well.

It was Sun Direct DTH service provider who stepped into the market in 2007, with advanced features that are gaining the attention of many entertainment lovers. The cheaper packages & many captivating features paved the way for Sun Direct to be crowned at the top of the houses of its subscribers.

Starting from Hyderabad, Sun Direct understood the requirement of people who were untouched with the world of entertainment still in 2007. With the passage of time, Sun Direct updated its features & brought new channel packages which are more entertaining than the previous ones. This increased the demand for Sun Direct new connection Hyderabad amid the targeted audience. The features that entice the people to opt for Sun Direct rather than others are:

  1. Advanced Set Top Box with the facility of SD+/HD+ recording.
  2. Enhanced picture quality which is 5 times sharper than others
  3. 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound which helps you to get the experience of theater
  4. Availability of USB for easy recording of your favorite shows to watch them later
  5. Easy to record, pause & rewind a show.
  6. Access of HD channels at a minimal price beyond your imagination

Apart from the amazing features, Sun Direct is beloved amid its subscribers due to the convenience it provides in picking channels. More than 12 channel packages allow you to find the one which best fits your requirement. Moreover, there are add-on packs available for the people who can choose channels as per their requirement despite the package they have subscribed to. It’s easy & convenient & cheaper as well.