Tatasky is undoubtedly the best service provider of India for the year 2015. They have crossed the highest number of connections in all the metros performing better than their second best rival Videocon. Tatasky has been way ahead compared to its competitors this year. They have launched two new products tatasky+transfer and tatasky 4K which are state of the art products in DTH industry in India. Though tatasky 4K dint take off in a way it was expected mainly due to the pricing and lack of 4K channels makes it a waste of money for the customer to invest in a 4K box and watch channels at just 1080 pixels (HD). But the later product tatasky+transfer has really made a huge impact especially for the users who were looking for a recoding option and who wants to easily transfer it their computers.  Coming now on how to book a new tata sky new connection, I have jotted down the exact step by step process to book it.

  1. Launch bookmydth.com
  2. Click on “Tatasky” category in the category bar.

Buy DTH Online Compare DTH Price DTH Package DTH Offers of Tata Sky Videocon D2H

3. Select the set top box type. Must be either “HD” or “SD” or “UHD 4K or “HD PVR Transfer”. Right now, I am going with “HD” set top box.

Tata Sky New Connection Tata Sky Packages Dth Set Top Box dth Price Packages Offers

4. In the category page, select you region. It should be either “South India” or “Rest of India”. Right now, I am going with “South India”

5. Verify all the features on the set top box in the “Tata sky HD features” space.


  • Great picture quality.
  • Incredibly vivid colours.
  • Sharper images and stunning surround sound.
  • An aspect ratio of 16:9 and 1080i resolution.
  • Dolby Digital Surround.
  • Active Services.
  • Pay for what you watch.
  • Quality Viewing.
  • Showcase Movies.
  • Existing subscriber can purchase a multiTv connection for 1800.
  • One year warranty and more.
  • Relocation services.
  • HD Access fee extra Rs. 125/- per month has to be paid to view the HD channels.
  • HD access free waived off for 12 months+ subscription​

6. Check the packages available for tatasky HD set top box. Right now, in bookmydth.com there are 7 kinds of packages that are there for selection depending on the customers requirement. The range of the tatasky packages starts from Rs.200/- per month (south special pack) and goes till Rs.485/- per month (grand sports pack).

7. Our suggestion to the buyers is to choose a basic pack like south special pack for the first month, analyze the channels and then change the package from the second month onwards.

8. Right now, I am selecting the “South Special pack”. This package also comes with free 2 regional packs which user can select in the next page. I click on “Book Now” button now.

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